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Warning – Andore Marketing

It has come to our notice that a new company Andore Marketing (full name Andore Marketing & Management SL) in Tenerife has been selling EZE products as lately as March of this year, we would advise any consumers approached by this business to decline any offers of presentations, products, services etc.

Timeshare Legal Services & The ‘Timeshare Ombudsman’ Warning

We have recently received a report that the company Timeshare Legal Services (www.timesharelegalservices.co.uk) has been contacting consumers and stating they were given their information from the ‘Timeshare Ombudsman’ (www.timeshareombudsman.org.uk).

We are not aware of an official service under this name and both websites do not provide transparent business details i.e. legal entities/company numbers or in the case of the ‘Timeshare Ombudsman’ even an address. We would class this as a transparency warning.

The ‘Timeshare Ombudsman’s domain also shows the registrant name and address as hidden, which again is a transparency warning flag.

Timeshare Legal Services make the following claims on their website ‘SERVING THE INDUSTRY FOR OVER 20 YEARS’ and ‘With extensive experience in the industry, we have helped over 2,000 people break free from Timeshare Contracts, and recovered over one million in reclaims.’ As the website domain was registered only in June 2017 and a company by the same name with the same address was only incorporated in November 2017, we would be interested in determining the truth of these claims.

We are also concerned as to the sharing of data between these companies.

Generally, we advise extreme caution regarding any business making unsolicited calls/emails/SMS, not least because there may be Data Protection law breaches involved -i.e., that they may have obtained and /or are using your data illegally.

We are passing our concerns to the relevant authorities and will provide an update when available. In the meantime we would be interested to hear from anyone contacted by these companies or currently using their services: http://timesharebusinesscheck.org/report-your-concerns/

Timeshare Council – Warning

It has come to our attention that a business calling itself Timeshare Council and using the website www.timesharecouncil.co.uk has been cold calling consumers – some of which are registered with the Telephone Preference Service. Their methods are deceitful and unlawful.

They appear to imply that they are representing the registered company Timeshare Council Limited – company registration number 02513123, which was incorporated in 1990. This is a fraudulent claim.

The website deliberately withholds information regarding ownership and other details required by law.

We advise consumers contacted by persons purporting to be from Timeshare Council to report the matter to Action Fraud in the UK Telephone 0300 123 2040 or use their online reporting system – http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report-a-fraud-including-online-crime

Advise Action Fraud that a business is passing itself off as a registered company, making unsolicited calls with suspected stolen data and provide any further details you have of any conversation that took place.

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