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In 2017, KwikChex was asked to extend the services it provides to timeshare consumers under the Timeshare Task Force initiative, by providing a helpline.

This service was viewed as particularly essential for owners who were not keen on using the internet – who wanted to talk on the phone with someone that would provide further assistance.

Staff from a dedicated team, employed by KwikChex provide this assistance.

The work carried out as a part of the task force initiative was recognised in 2019, when the Chartered Trading Standards Institute presented KwikChex with their Business Hero Award – with timeshare assistance and anti-fraud activities specifically mentioned – Business Hero Award

The Timeshare Task Force initiative also includes the Timeshare Business Check website.


Many callers to the helpline complain that they are continually pestered by cold-calls – and the vast majority of scams against owners start with such contacts. Assistance is also available in the fight against other unsolicited contact, such as unwanted texts and emails. Consumers can report these activities online via the Timeshare Business Check website or via the helpline.